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Unified Women’s Clinical Research

Did you know Carteret OB-Gyn Associates has partnered with Unified Women’s Clinical Research in order to provide you the unique opportunity to participate in a variety of clinical research trials right here in our office? You could potentially receive advanced healthcare options that would otherwise not be available to you. There is no cost to participate in a clinical trial and compensation may be provided for your time and travel.

So what is clinical research and why participate in a clinical trial? The advancement of healthcare is a complex, behind the scenes process that may be unfamiliar to many people; however, every treatment decision physicians make as well as every medication, device and vaccine are reliant on and have evolved from the methodical process known as clinical research. The purpose of clinical research is to advance and improve healthcare by gaining knowledge beneficial to helping others in the future but this could not be possible without volunteers like you participating in clinical trials. Clinical trial participants may also directly benefit from clinical research by potentially receiving advanced alternative treatment options that would otherwise not be available.

Inspired by innovation, Unified Women’s Clinical Research has been conducting clinical trials while simultaneously providing comprehensive, collaborative care to out participants for over 20 years. Dedicated to the advancement of women’s health to ultimately improve the lives of women, out clinical trials are focused on new improved treatment options for those indications which commonly impact women.

Interested in learning more about one of our trials listed on the screen? Tell your nurse or provider today! We are always adding new trial opportunities so if you don’t see and indication on the screen that pertains to you but you would be interested in participating in clinical trials, tell your nurse or provider and they will get you in touch with our research department so that you can tell us about your interests. Again, there is no cost to participate in a clinical trial and compensation may be provided for your time and travel. We look forward to meeting you and improving the lives of women together!

Clinical Research Trials

  • Mirena IUD
  • Fibroids
  • Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain
  • Contraceptive Gel
  • Hot flashes
  • Iron Deficiency Anemia
  • Pessary