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Metabolic Weight Management

Serenity MedSpa and Metabolic Weight Management Center’s physicians have years of experience helping people just like you lose weight – quickly – easily – safely! Our physicians know that, to be successful, weight loss programs must be designed specifically for each individual, based on their current health condition and weight, eating habits, personal tastes and metabolic needs. That’s why every weight loss program begins with a thorough physical examination by our medical staff.

Based on medical analysis of your tests and examination, Serenity MedSpa will prepare for you:

  • A personalized meal plan suited to your personal tastes
  • Physician-recommended medications, injections and/or supplements
  • A fitness plan sensitive to your limitations and activity level
  • Ongoing support and motivation from our trained counselors

With our proven medical treatment and resources along with our trained, professional counseling and support, it’s no wonder more than 95% of our patients experience weight loss on their metabolic weight management programs.

Q: What is NexSlim?

A: NexSlim is a medically supervised nutritional weight loss program that can be utilized to reach a goal weight that can be maintained for a healthy and happy lifestyle. After years of research and testing, NexSlim doctors have perfected the NexSlim program.

Q: How does NexSlim work?

Each NexSlim clinic has an oversight physician and other medical personnel who review your medical history, electrocardiogram and complete blood work to create a personalized plan. The team uses a comprehensive approach to educate you on healthy living by empowering you with the ability to make wise choices so that the foods you eat and the activities you do can work to your advantage. We will teach you how everyday choices affect how your metabolism and body perform. You will learn how small changes can deliver success. Our staff will design an ‘energy plan’ that will ensure success despite any limitations or previous activity level.

Q: How fast could I lose weight with NexSlim?

A: The rate at which you will lose weight depends on several factors including your current medical condition, your metabolic rate and your commitment to following the program as it is prescribed. However, most of our clients typically lose between two to four pounds a week although much higher levels of weight loss may be experienced in the early weeks of the program.

Q: How long does the NexSlim program last?

A: The length of time you may need to stay on the NexSlim program depends on which program you are on, how much weight you need to lose and – most importantly – how motivated you are. After your initial evaluation at the clinic, we will be able to estimate the number of weeks that you would require to reach your goal. Weight loss is not about a “quick fix,” so as you move from the first phase of our weight loss program to the transition and then maintenance phases, our goal is to make sure we have established healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices you can follow for the rest of your life.

Q: How often do I have to visit the NexSlim clinic?

A: The initial weight loss phase of the program normally requires a weekly visit. Once you move into the transition and maintenance phases normally only one visit every other week is needed.

Q: How much does NexSlim cost?

A: Your total cost will vary based on the amount of weight you need to lose and how fast your body is able to lose weight in a medically administered program. After your initial assessment and medical exam, you will be better able to project the total cost for your weight loss program. The basic costs for the various phases of the program can be discussed with your local NexSlim clinic.

Q: I only want to lose a few pounds – is NexSlim only for extremely heavy and obese people?

A: The NexSlim program can help you lose weight whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds. There is no minimum or maximum limit.

Q: I have diabetes – can I still lose weight with NexSlim?

A: The NexSlim program can be tailored for people with diabetes as well as those with many other medical problems. Your initial medical examination will indicate the adjustments that need to be made in your personal weight loss program.

Q: My child is overweight – is there a NexSlim program for children?

A: While there is a program now in development, there is currently no NexSlim program available for children.

Q: Why should I choose NexSlim?

A: Low calorie diet plans alone can be used to reduce weight, but many people become discouraged before reaching their goal weight. Some reduced calorie diets also reduce important nutrients, which means that even though you may lose weight, you are not really becoming healthier.

A structured program such as NexSlim delivers success because we focus on every aspect of your health. As a comprehensive program, we address the medical, nutritional, fitness and psychological components of weight loss. We also offer you the important guidance that has been shown to be essential for successful weight loss and long term weight maintenance.

Q: Does my insurance cover any of the program cost?

A: NexSlim does not participate with any health insurance plans. You must pay for all services rendered at the time of your appointment.