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Urinary Incontinence

Sensitive, Advanced Care for Bladder Control Problems

Millions of women suffer with urinary incontinence. Too often, they are hesitant to bring the problem to the attention of their doctor because they don’t realize how common it is or how easily it can be treated. At Carteret Ob-Gyn Associates, our doctors provide caring, comprehensive treatment for all types of bladder problems, and we are one of the very few practices in the region to provide onsite Urodynamic testing. Finding the right solution begins with a thorough evaluation. Your doctor will listen carefully to you and perform all appropriate tests to diagnose your condition. Treatment often begins with conservative measures, including medication and lifestyle changes.

Expertise with Minimally Invasive Solutions

Our physicians are highly trained gynecologic surgeons and offer one of the most effective surgeries for urinary incontinence – the tension-free vaginal tape procedure, or TVT. This outpatient procedure requires a few small incisions and takes around an hour to complete. With the TVT procedure, the urethra is adequately supported, relieving symptoms almost immediately. Recovery is much quicker than with older surgical methods. Most patients are back to their routines in a few days.

With minimally invasive treatment options and the care of a knowledgeable, experienced physician, you don’t have to tolerate the embarrassment and limitations of a bladder control problem. Find out how your Carteret Ob-Gyn Associates doctor can help, by scheduling a consultation today.

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