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Bone Densitometry

Throughout our lives, we rely on our skeletal systems for stability and power. Bones are solid, yet resilient; changing in density and dimension and continually renewing themselves throughout our lives. But bones can become dangerously fragile. They can weaken from disease, smoking, lack of exercise, nutritional deficiencies, estrogen deficiency in women and low testosterone levels in men, medication, age and many other causes.

While porous bones and fractures may not be visible from the outside, the effects can be devastating, even life-threatening. Low bone mass can afflict anyone: men and women, young and old, all nationalities. People may not know they have osteoporosis until it’s too late. Early detection and treatment can mean a lifetime of strength, and Hologic Discovery is the key to early detection.

Speed and image quality

Discovery’s OnePass single sweep scanning captures the hip and spine with 10-second scanning time. No other system comes close to the combined speed and imaging resolution of Discovery.

Integrated structural analysis of the hip

Discovery enables a new dimension in bone health assessment with Hip Structural Analysis™ (HSA)1, which uses DXA measurements to calculate the structural geometry of the hip. HSA provides a better predictor of biomechanical strength than using bone mass measurement alone. This exclusive Discovery feature helps us determine whether bones are reduced in strength to the point that they require treatment and, if being treated, if the bones are getting stronger.

3D hip measurement for more accurate fracture assessment

Hologic is pioneering 3D hip measurements, a breakthrough dimension in fracture risk assessment. Analyzing bone structure requires creating a 3D volumetric density model. Combining low-dose tomographic technology with the rapid image sequencing made possible by a rotating C-arm, Discovery can capture multiple views of the femur at different angles and mathematically construct a 3D rendering. 3D hip measurement will provide a powerful new tool for measuring the true strength of the femur and more accurately determining the risk of future fractures.

Automatic hip positioning

Discovery’s AccuView finds the bone edge for perfect positioning and automatically centers the hip the same way on follow-up exams for improved precision. AccuView helps eliminate common positioning errors, saving time and eliminating unnecessary rescanning.